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Marketing in Plain Language

Marketing in Plain Language

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This course is structured as a two-day interactive training program, and each day is split into six hours of theoretical aspects and two hours of discussions and examples. Its goal is, on one hand, to help participants acquire knowledge related to marketing planning, budgeting and evaluation, and, on the other hand, to help them develop the required competences in approaching marketing-related processes, such as segmentation, execution, execution auditing, KPIs.
This training program is also destined to help participants who seek to hold a marketing position to develop marketing planning, budgeting and evaluation competences.


This course offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Acquire knowledge related to marketing planning, budgeting and evaluation;
  • Get access to relevant examples from small and medium enterprises in Romania;
  • Use the tools required to create a marketing plan;
  • Approach the execution process of marketing projects.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Develop budget planning and evaluation competences;
  • Know marketing practices from small and medium enterprises in Romania;
  • Create a basic marketing plan focused on objectives – strategy – tactics;
  • Understand branding mechanisms beyond subjective aspects;
  • Use marketing tools, such as: marketing plan, Gantt chart, budget, KPI form, offer analysis, advertising presentation and evaluation.

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Day 1:
Introduction to marketing – concepts and examples from the Romanian market

  • Marketing practices in small and medium enterprises;
  • Main preconceptions;

Branding hour

  • Branding concepts and examples to align principles and understand core concepts;
  • Examples of “Dos” and “Don’ts” – guidance through the labyrinth of subjectivism in order to see beyond “I like it” and “I don’t like it”;

The right path from objectives to budget

  • Marketing plan and budget – tools, tables and KPIs;
  • Examples and tools for creating a basic marketing plan, focused on objectives – strategy – tactics.

Day 2:
Execution – the hardest part is (1)

  • Stages in the elaboration of a brief, offer, offer analysis;
  • Monitoring the execution of a marketing project or sub-project;
  • Marketing projects addressed to consumers – examples and evaluations.

Execution – the hardest part is (2)

  • Trade marketing elements: from segmentation to merchandising, from promotions for traders to market implementation;
  • Tools for efficient trade marketing projects;
  • Marketing projects destined for traders and sales force – examples and evaluations.



✔ Course material
Participants will receive a hard and an electronic copy of the course, as well as a document that comprises the exercises solved during the training sessions.


✔ Premium Subscription – 3 months
Participants will have access to over 7,000 KPIs examples, to 38 documentation fields and will be able to export 500 documented KPIs from our platform Moreover, they will be given access to the “Top 20 KPIs in 2010” report, and to a “Top 25 KPIs in 2010” report of their choice.


✔ Other resources
Participants will receive a set of templates which are useful in the marketing planning, budgeting, presentation and evaluation processes. In addition to this, they will get a series of tips & tricks to guide them in their marketing activities.


Who should attend?
This training course is designed for the following categories of professionals who want to understand the marketing process and marketing terminology:

  • Entrepreneurs interested in marketing;
  • Sales people;
  • Purchasing professionals.

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Camelia Dragomirescu has been working in the marketing management field for over 15 years, both in multinational corporations and as an entrepreneur. Camelia achieved tangible results on highly competitive markets such as FMGC (Pepsi), Retail (Ambient), Industry (Asea Brown Boveri), and is currently Trade Marketing Manager at Policolor, the leading paint manufacturer in Romania.
Her passion for local brands and her desire to offer simple and clear marketing tools lie at the core of the “Marketing in plain language” training course, which is addressed to pragmatic, with no time to spare, professionals.
Camelia’s marketing competences include: portfolio, category, product, brand, channel, account marketing strategy, marketing planning and budgeting, team management, KPI alignment. She has delivered trainings in the field, on topics such as: introduction to marketing, marketing planning, marketing budgeting, trade marketing, marketing KPIs, trade segmentation, market implementation, evaluation and auditing, as well as branding.

Training fields:

  • Introduction to marketing, marketing planning and budgeting;
  • Marketing KPIs;
  • FMCG marketing;
  • Trade marketing;
  • Trade segmentation;
  • Market execution evaluation and auditing.

Competences & Expertise:

  • Portfolio, category, product, brand, channel and account marketing strategy;
  • Marketing planning and budgeting;
  • KPI alignment.


The “Marketing in Plain Language” training course provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants:

  • Have access to examples from practice, and the opportunity to analyze them in group activities to compe up with solutions;
  • Have access to a set of ready-to-use marketing tools to be applied within their organizations;
  • Understand, due to the examples provided and the open discussions, the most relevant marketing tools and see which are the most efficient in a certain context;


At the end of the course, participants will take a knowledge test that comprises 20 questions. The maximum score that can be obtained is 20 points and in order to receive the diploma that acknowledges their competences in the field, participants must obtain at least 10 points.


Contact us for details and registration!

Anca Andrieş
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701


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• Resources
Under development


1. What is the value added of this course?

The main advantage of participating in this course is the possibility to develop marketing planning, budgeting and evaluation competences. The theoretical aspects of the course, and the examples from the Romanian market offer participants the opportunity to understand the overall execution process of a marketing project. Moreover, participants can share their experience, as well as good practices during group discussions and exercises, which together constitute a great learning experience.

2. How do I get access to course materials and other resources?

Each participant will receive an e-mail with the course materials and other useful resources within 3 days from the termination of the course. The 3-month Premium subscription to the platform will become active starting with the second day after the end of the course.

3. Should I study prior to the course?

The participation in this course is not conditioned by a prior preparation or research in the field. The first training session is designed as an introduction to the world of KPIs, and it is meant to provide a common knowledge base for all participants.

4. Are there other useful resources that I could use in my continuous professional training?

Each participant will have access to a series of useful KPI resources. The materials and links provided after each training session, as well as the additional links to recommended literature in the field represent continuous learning opportunities. Moreover, in order to get the latest performance management news, participants interested in their continuous training in this field can access the blog

5. Can another person replace the person that signed up for the course?

You can appoint someone else to attend the course, without paying another registration fee, should you not be able to participate in the course, subsequent to your registration.


“I have participated in this course out of pure curiosity, in order to learn which are the topics discussed in such a training course. My expectations regarding the information provided were very low. However, I was impressed. The tools provided will help me a lot in my activity.”

Ioana Căprar, Marketing Manager, Delroti Printing House