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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO has witnessed an accelerated growth in terms of training needs these past few years, due to employers’ growing demand for knowledge in the field. Therefore, a desired skill has turned into a required skill. Marketing tools develop, and marketers are encouraged to develop, in their turn, new skills.


This course offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Understand SEO functionalities and the use of SEO tools and techniques;
  • Understand how to correctly use SEO to increase the possibility of appearing in search engines;
  • Consolidate their knowledge in the field and update their self-information sources;
  • Learn by analyzing specific situations and case studies from Romania.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand optimization techniques for Google and users;
  • Distinguish between SEO and SEM and improve their presence on the Internet using SEO;
  • Conduct an internal optimization for a website;
  • Monitor information on a website;
  • Improve and develop websites using SEO.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

How to obtain links?

  • General principles;
  • Methods of obtaining links;
  • The anatomy of a link;
  • What is a good link?
  • Customizing the 404 error page;
  • Generating link reports.

Analysis: Links of the participants’ company website.

Internal website optimization

  • General principles;
  • Meta title and meta description;
  • Key words;
  • URLs;
  • SEO for images.

Case studies: The websites of the participants’ companies.

How to organize information on a website?

  • General approach;
  • Dimension, duplicates, relevance, engaging;
  • Hierarchy.




✔ Course material
Participants will receive a hard and an electronic copy of the course, as well as a document that comprises the exercises solved during the training sessions.


✔ Relevant resources in the field
Participants will receive the “Top 25 Web Analytics KPIs of 2011-2012” and the “Top 25 Marketing KPIs in 2010” reports.


✔ Premium Subscription – 1 month
Participants will have access to over 7,000 KPIs examples, to 38 documentation fields and will be able to export 500 documented KPIs from our platform Moreover, they will be given access to the “Top 10 KPIs in 2010” report, and to a “Top 25 KPIs in 2010” report of their choice.


Our courses were attended by participants from organizations such as:



Who should attend?

People interested in SEO
This training course is designed for persons who seek to start building or to improve their presence on the Internet for different reasons, and who need to know how search engines work and which are the principles that lie at the core of search engine optimization. One of the main benefits of this course is the opportunity to learn from experts in the field the strategies that can be employed to promote a webpage online. The course focuses on providing examples, case studies and exercises, which together constitute a unique experience.

Marketing specialists
By participating in this training course, marketing directors, managers or specialists in charge of the promotion of their company’s website, or their customers’ website, have the opportunity to acquire an accurate overall perspective on SEO solutions. Moreover, website owners can get acquainted with SEO strategies, and marketers, who already possess theoretical knowledge in the field, can improve their technical skills. Starting from the processes and the tools they already use, participants can return in their organizations with a clearer perspective on how they should act in order to successfully promote a product, a service, a business or a brand.

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Olivian Breda

Olivian Breda has been working as an Internet Marketer since 2006, and as a freelancer since 2009. His activity consists mainly in SEO and usability auditing.

His recent activity includes the co-organization of a bi-monthly SEO and PPC event entitled “The SEP PPC world” (, the collaboration with the Association SEMRo and the participation, as a member of the jury, to the eCommerce Awards Gala (2010, 2011).

Olivian worked for two years for the webdesign companies Cratima (2006-2007) and Webvertise (2008-2009). He studied Computer Science in high-school, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), and a Master’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations (The National School of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest).

In 2012, he developed and delivered training courses on Internet marketing addressed to doctors, and wrote two chapters of the book Who Are You, Doc?, on branding in the medical field (in collaboration with Nicolae-Iordache Iordache).

As part of his collaboration with Acumen Integrat, Olivian held the following training courses:

  • “Internet Marketing – Online Advertising Solutions. How to Advertise Yourself on the Internet?” (2013);
  • “Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How to Optimize a Website and Get Links to Your Website?” (2013).


The “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” training course provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants:

  • Apply the knowledge acquired during each training session in exercises;
  • Analyze case studies and interpret the results;
  • Share their own experience and good practices in the field;
  • Are part of a knowledge evaluation process, both before and after the training course.


At the end of the course, participants will take a knowledge test that comprises 20 questions. The maximum score that can be obtained is 20 points and in order to receive the diploma that acknowledges their competences in the field, participants must obtain at least 10 points.


Contact us for details and registration!

Anca Andrieş
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701


“The training course has explained several aspects related to optimization and link-building. The information provided was relevant, structured and to the point.”
Ioana Cebuc, Marketing Manager, Prisum International

“I look forward to applying the acquired information within our organization.”
Ana-Maria Popa, Social Relations Specialist | Swiss Ecodent Clinic

“The training course was extremely useful. It provided us with the information we needed for our company.”
Gabriela Fuior, Jr. Marketing Assistant | Alix Avien Cosmetics


• Resources
Under development


1. What is the value added of this course?

The main advantages of participating in this course are the possibility to learn how search engines work, to understand the principles that lie at the core of a website optimization and the correct application of SEO solutions. Moreover, participants can share their experience, as well as good practices, during group discussions and exercises.

2. How do I get access to course materials and other resources?

Each participant will receive an e-mail with the course materials and other useful resources within 3 days from the termination of the course. The 1-month Premium subscription to the platform will become active starting with the second day after the end of the course.

3. Should I study prior to the course?

The participation in this course is not conditioned by a prior preparation or research in the field. The first training session is designed as an introduction to the world of KPIs, and it is meant to provide a common knowledge base for all participants.

4. Are there other useful resources that I could use in my continuous professional training?

Each participant will receive a document will a list of recommended readings in the field. In addition to this, participants interested in their continuous training in this field can access to, in order to get the latest performance management news.

5. Can another person replace the person that signed up for the course?

You can appoint someone else to attend the course, without paying another registration fee, should you not be able to participate in the course, subsequent to your registration.


“If I were to use a KPI in order to resume the quality/quantity of this course, that would be ROI (Return On Investment). I have acquired new knowledge in the field, which can be implemented in my everyday activities, and even in my future actions.”

Nicoleta Pulbere, Performance Manager – Continual Service Improvement, IT Global Solutions, OMV Petrom