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Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional

Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional (KPIs)

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The course provides the opportunity to learn how to deploy and use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in accordance with The KPI Institute’s Key Performance Indicators Management Framework, the main body of knowledge on on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education.

The program is a unique blend of know-how, as for the past 6 years, The KPI Institute has:

  • delivered this course in 20 countries;
  • developed over 150 Dashboards and Scorecards;
  • reviewed over 1,000 reports from 125 countries;
  • trained over 1,250 professionals;
  • documented over 20,000 KPIs from 16 functional areas and 25 industries.

In order to obtain the certification, participants must attend the three-day course, at the end of which they will take the certification exam.


  • Learn insights from the largest KPI research project;
  • Understand the selection and use of KPIs at organizational, departmental and individual level;
  • Practice using KPIs in applied case studies and exercises;
  • Have access to relevant resources and tools;
  • Use over 30 performance measurement tools;
  • Obtain professional recognition based on the certification that attests the competences acquired.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Efficiently use performance measurement tools;
  • Understand the KPI documentation and data gathering processes;
  • Deploy best practices in activating, reporting and monitoring KPIs;
  • Practice the competences required to design a KPI map;
  • Develop a systems thinking in KPI implementation.

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Day 1:
Introduction to the world of KPIs

  • Challenges in performance measurement;
  • Value added by KPIs;
  • Performance management terminology review;
  • Metrics – KPIs – KRIs – Analytical models;
  • Management theories on performance.

The Pillars of KPI Architecture

  • Interdisciplinary systemic worldview;
  • KPI management conceptual map;
  • KPI lifecycle;
  • KPI use scenarios;
  • KPI architecture toolkit;
  • KPI architecture skills map.

KPI Selection

  • KPI typology;
  • Sources of relevant KPIs;
  • KPI selection process;
  • KPI selection techniques.

Day 2:
KPI documentation

  • Functions of the KPI documentation form;
  • Designing the KPI documentation form;
  • KPI documentation process;
  • Target setting process;
  • Targets in practice;
  • Challenges in setting KPI targets.

Data Visualization: Designing KPI Dashboards and Scorecards

  • Good practices in data visualization;
  • Frequently used graphs;
  • KPI toolkit: Balanced Scorecard;
  • KPI toolkit: Dashboard;
  • KPI toolkit: Performance Healthogram;
  • In practice: Examples of performance reports, Dashboards and Scorecards.

KPI data gathering and reporting

  • KPI data gathering process;
  • KPI activation tools and techniques;
  • Performance report compilation;
  • KPI analysis level;
  • Business analysis techniques;
  • Performance analysis and decision-making;
  • Initiative management.

Day 3:
KPI management enablers: Software, Hardware, Communication

  • KPI software market overview;
  • KPI hardware market overview;
  • Strategy communication;
  • Comments on performance management.

Generating value through using KPIs

  • Building organizational performance measurement capability;
  • The Performance Measurement Maturity Model;
  • Building a performance-oriented organizational culture.


  • Course review;
  • Q&A / open discussion;
  • Test instructions;
  • KPI certification test;
  • Awarding of diplomas.



✔ Course material
Participants will receive a hard and an electronic copy of the course, as well as a document in Excel with the course notes and the exercises solved during the three-day course.


✔ Toolkit
Participants will receive the Performance Management Toolkit, which consists of The Performance Management System Architecture, The Desired State of Evolution, The Strategy Map, Dashboard and Scorecard, The Portfolio of Initiatives, KPI documentation forms, both in editable and non-editable format.


✔ Six-month Premium Subscription
Participants will have access to over 7,000 KPIs examples, to 38 documentation fields and will be able to export 500 documented KPIs from our platform Moreover, they will be given access to the “Top 10 KPIs in 2010” report, and to a “Top 25 KPIs in 2010” report of their choice.


✔ Other resources
Participants will receive the KPI Infographic developed by the KPI Institute, which is a brief presentation of good practices in using KPIs. Moreover, participants will also receive other performance management-related resources.


Our courses were attended by participants from organizations such as:





Who should attend?

People interested in performance management
Entrepreneurs, analysts and professionals from different fields, interested in performance management, will acquire the knowledge needed to understand performance management. Moreover, they will obtain professional recognition of these acquired competences through the certificate granted by The KPI Institute. This is an interactive course, with a great number of exercises, case studies and examples from practice. The networking opportunity and the possibility of sharing knowledge and personal experiences constitute a unique learning experience that facilitates the gain of performance management skills.

Top/middle/lower management people
Individuals from top/middle/lower management and their respective organizations, regardless of their field of expertise, will be glad to discover in “Certified KPI Professional” a practical and interactive course. Moreover, the couse provides the tools and resources required for the effective implementation of a performance management system within their organization. By sharing good practices in the field, the participants and the trainer can come up with solutions to the existing challenges within organizations.

Performance management experts
For professionals who occupy positions such as Strategy Manager, Performance Manager or Performance Architect, it is important to acquire a certification that can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this field of expertise. The need for a more rigorous approach to the use of KPIs is one of the main aspects addressed by the “Certified KPI Professional” course. This category of professionals already uses certain practices within their organizations, has already implemented certain processes and tools, but there remains the need to check whether the business activity lives up to the standards, and thus, identify improvement opportunities. Experts also need examples of good practices in the field, and the course is a great opportunity to learn from the trainer and fellow professionals from other organizations.

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Andreea Trimbitas
Business Research Analyst and Trainer
Master’s in Finance

Andreea Trîmbițaș is a Business Research Analyst at INTEGERPERFORM, the consulting arm of The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education.

Her research activity in the Performance Management field can be summarized as follows:

  • The documentation of over 500 KPIs from 16 functional areas and 25 industries;
  • The development of publications: “The KPI Compendium”, “Top 25 KPIs in 2011-2012” report series and the study “Performance Management in Romania 2012”;
  • Writing and editing articles for the official blog and for “Performance Magazine”.

As a trainer accredited by the National Authority for Qualifications from Romania, Andreea facilitated several Performance Management courses and workshops:

  • The “Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional” training course;
  • The “Performance criteria, evaluating and improving employee performance” training course;
  • The “HR Dashboards and Scorecards: From Metrics and KPIs to an Integrated System” workshop held as part of the 11th HR Metrics Summit 2014, Orlando, Florida.

Andrea holds an international KPI certificate and her professional training is completed by a series of seminars and conferences on Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard and KPIs, such as:

  • The Business Summer School, 17-26 August 2012, Sibiu, Romania;
  • The “Performance Management in Romania” Conference, 10-11 October 2013, Sibiu, Romania;
  • The “Friday Night at the ER” business simulation, 12 October 2013, Sibiu, Romania;
  • The “11th HR Metrics Summit”, 24-26 February 2014, Orlando, Florida.


The “Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional” training provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants:

  • Apply the acquired concepts through exercises;
  • Analyze case studies and identify solutions for the challenges encountered;
  • Use templates that they can later customize to suit their organizational needs;
  • Share their own experience and good practices in the field;
  • Self-assess their knowledge before and after the course.


At the end of the course, participants will take the certification test which lasts for 40 minutes. The minimum of points required to obtain the certification is 50 out of 75 points. Should a participant fail to obtain the minimum score, there is the possibility to retake the certification test online, on the platform Participants are given three chances to pass the test and obtain the certification. The exam must be resat within 1 year, starting with the last day of the course.

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InterContinental Hotel,
bulevard Nicolae Bălcescu, nr.4,
Bucharest, Romania


01 October

Course date

17 September

Early bird

24 September



  • Participation fee:
    1,100 Euro + VAT*
  • Discount:
    800 Euro + VAT** registration and payment made 2 weeks before the course
    700 Euro + VAT*** registration of 2 or more participants from the same organization/Acumen Integrat customers


Contact us for details and registration!

Anca Andrieş
Marketing & Customer Engagement Specialist
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701


“By the end of this course you have a well-structured strategy that you can directly implement within your organization.”
Diț Luminița, Human Resources Manager, Lapp Insulators

“Interesting, useful, applicable and necessary.”
Crăciun Irina, HR Director, Romelectro

“It is an extremely useful course. After participating in this course, my ideas are much more structured. It will certainly be useful.”
Streaja Andreia, Junior Expert Performance, OMV Petrom


• Additional resources I
The webinar “Understanding Key Performance Indicators”, offered by Acumen Integrat in collaboration with The KPI Institute, provides useful information about the role of KPIs, the relationship between metrics: KPIs, KRIs and Analytics, KPI standardization and the value added by KPIs.

• Additional resources II
The Performance Management System Architecture is a graphical representation of all the components that make up an organization’s performance management system. The purpose of this tool is to provide a clear perspective on the various elements of the system.


1. What is the value added of the “Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional” course?

This course is unique due to the subject matter discussed and its duration. It is the most complex KPI research project, and the facilitators have the knowledge and the experience required for an in-depth approach of this domain, with examples from practice. Participants will obtain a certificate acknowledging the competences acquired by attending this course, which is provided by The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education.

2. Should I study prior to the “Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional” course?

The participation in this course is not conditioned by a prior preparation or research in the field. The first training session is designed as an introduction to the world of KPIs, and it is meant to provide a common knowledge base for all participants.

3. How do I get access to course materials and other resources?

Each participant will receive an e-mail with the course materials and other useful resources within 3 days from the termination of the course. The 6-month Premium subscription to the platform will become active starting with the second day of the course.

4. Are there other useful resources that I could use in my continuous professional training?

Each participant will have access to a series of useful KPI resources. The materials and links provided after each training session, as well as the additional links to recommended literature in the field represent continuous learning opportunities. Moreover, in order to get the latest performance management news, participants interested in their continuous training in this field can access the blog: .

5. Can another person replace the person that signed up for the course?

You can appoint someone else to attend the course, without paying another registration fee, should you not be able to participate in the course, subsequent to your registration.

Course Date

01 October


Hotel InterContinental, nr.4, Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu,
Bucharest, Romania

Participation fee

1,100 Euro + VAT*


800 Euro + VAT**
700 Euro + VAT***


The course materials, lunch, coffee breaks are provided during the course. However, the participation fee does not include accommodation. For preferential rates on accommodation, please contact us.


Anca Andrieş
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701

Contact us
I want to be contacted for more information


Other 2014 editions

04-06 November 2014
Sibiu, Romania

03-05 December 2014
Bucharest, Romania




„The way in which the facilitator delivered the training engaged participants in group discussions on best practices regarding key theoretical aspects and generated many opportunities of working with KPIs in practice.
Moreover, the feedback received from other participants emphasized the applied character of the course and the openness of the facilitator. I look forward to our future collaborations.”

Cristina Botea, Head of Planning & Performance Monitoring, HSSE Department, OMV Petrom