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Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs

Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs

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INTRODUCTIONIntroducere curs

This is a one-day interactive course that provides participants with all the information needed in order to understand the factors that influence employee engagement, but also the employee engagement measurement methods and the management of employee engagement improvement processes.
Following the employee engagement flow, this course explains the relationship between employee engagement, employee well-being, productivity and performance management.


  • Understand the employee engagement process and acquire the skills required to implement it within the organization;
  • Understand and use the employee engagement measurement and planning methods and tools;
  • Understand the role of the action plan, of trainings and other employee engagement efforts;
  • Identify the stages that hinder employee engagement programs and how to approach them;
  • Learn through case studies about best practices in the field.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Use data gathering and analysis tools (tasks, surveys, interviews, focus groups) in order to get actual results;
  • Design an action plan to increase employee engagement in a learning context;
  • Use surveys to measure employee engagement;
  • Deliver employee engagement trainings and communications;
  • Identify solutions to overcome difficult situations during the implementation of employee engagement programs.

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Session 1: Introduction to employee engagement
Group activity: Defining employee engagement;

  • Debate: Employee engagement – Pros & Cons.
  • Employee engagement and performance management;
  • Employee engagement vs. job satisfaction;
  • Employee engagement vs. employee motivation.

Case study

Session 2: Measuring employee engagement
Templates: Questionnaire and report examples.

  • Employee engagement assessment surveys;
  • Employee engagement reports;
  • Selecting employee engagement suppliers;
  • Numbers vs. behaviors in employee engagement.

Session 3: Fostering employee engagement
Simulation: Creating an employee engagement action plan.

  • Employee engagement is contagious;
  • Employee engagement at team level;
  • How to run employee engagement meetings;
  • How to create employee engagement action plans.

Templates: Action plan, meeting agenda.

Session 4: Planning employee engagement projects within the organization
Exercise: Communicating survey results.

  • Employee engagement roadmap overview;
  • Training calendar, send date for surveys, reporting and communication;
  • Employee engagement trainings and communications;
  • Employee engagement communications;
  • Employee engagement and related concepts (well-being).


Suport de curs Cristina

✔ Course material
Participants will receive a hard and an electronic copy of the course, as well as the course notes and the exercises solved during the training sessions.


✔ Premium Subscription – 1 month
Participants will have access to over 7,000 KPIs examples, to 38 documentation fields and will be able to export 500 documented KPIs from our platform Moreover, they will be given access to the “Top 10 KPIs in 2010” report, and to a “Top 25 KPIs in 2010” report of their choice.

Literatură de specialitate recomandată

✔ Recommended reading
Participants will receive a document with a list of resources that can be accessed for further documentation on employee engagement.


Our courses were attended by participants from organizations such as:





Who should attend?

People interested in employee engagement programs
Entrepreneurs, analysts and professionals from any field, interested in employee engagement programs, will acquire the knowledge needed to understand the aspects that influence employee engagement and the different methods that could help improve employee engagement. During this training, participants are provided with examples, case studies and exercises, which together make up a unique learning experience.

Top/middle/lower management people
Individuals from top/middle/lower management and their respective organizations, regardless of their field of expertise, interested in improving employee engagement within their team or department, will be glad to discover innovative techniques of improving employee engagement. The course helps participants understand employee engagement instruments and provides the resources required for a successful implementation of employee engagement programs. Moreover, the networking opportunity and the professional experience of fellow participants constitute a useful learning experience. In addition to this, by sharing good practice in the field, the participants and the trainer can come up with solutions to the challenges that exist within organizations.

HR experts
For HR professionals, such as HR Consultants, HR Specialists, HR Managers or Associates, it is important to obtain recognition for their employee engagement programs implementation knowledge. Moreover, professionals must acknowledge the need to keep employees engaged within an organization. In this regard, the need for a greater thoroughness in the implementation and management of employee engagement programs is one of the main aspects approached by this course. Additionally, specialists in the field will be provided with the tools and methodologies required for a successful implementation of employee engagement programs within organizations.

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Organizational Development Specialist and Trainer

Alexandra Blaga is an Organizational Development Specialist and Trainer for the European division of the KPI Institute, the global authority on KPI education and research.

Alexandra is in charge of the project that aims at managing employee performance within The KPI Institute. This project helps in the implementation of the employee performance management system in a well-defined and structured context that supports excellence while taking into account all the aspects that contribute to such a performance system.

Moreover, Alexandra’s activity as a performance management researcher resulted in:

  • The thorough documentation of KPIs from 16 functional areas and 25 industries;
  • The development of the “KPI Dictionary” and the “Top 25 KPIs in 2013-2014” report series;
  • The publication of articles on individual performance management topics for the official blog and for “Performance Magazine”, a specialized online magazine.

As a trainer certified by the National Authority for Qualifications from Romania, Alexandra delivered the following training courses and workshops on how to improve employee performance:

  • The “Communication and soft skills” training course, developed in 2014;
  • The “Individual learning techniques” training course, delivered in 2012;
  • The “HR Procedures Flow” workshop, delivered in 2013.

Alexandra’s two years’ experience in human resources within an automotive multinational company and her Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Communication Sciences have defined her organizational, communication and negotiation skills. Moreover, her experience as a Human Resources Specialist, and then as a Human Resources Generalist, gave her the possibility to manage the needs and performance of over 600 employees.


The “Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs” training provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants:

  • Discover the theoretical concepts through interactive exercises;
  • Participate in simulations in order to get exposure to different situations that can occur within organizations, analyze the approach adopted and identify the best approach to be adopted;
  • Analyze case studies and identify solutions for the challenges encountered;
  • Share their own experience and good practices in the field.


At the end of the course, participants will take a knowledge test that comprises 20 questions. The maximum score that can be obtained is 20 points. In in order to receive the diploma that acknowledges their competences in the field, participants must obtain at least 10 points.

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Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel
Calea Dorobanților 5-7, District 1
Bucharest, Romania
(+4021) 201 5000
(+4021) 201 1888


10 December

Course date

27 November

Early bird

03 December



  • Participation fee:
    185 Euro + VAT*
  • Discount:
    165 Euro + VAT** – registration and payment made 2 weeks before the course
    145 Euro + VAT*** – registration of 2 or more participants from the same organization/ Acumen Integrat customers


Contact us for details and registration!

Anca Andrieş
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701


“Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs is a useful introductory course for those who want to acquire elementary knowledge in the field. The course is well structured. The facilitator was well prepared and answered all our questions.”
Iulia Birău, HR Coordinator, Process Solutions

“Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs is a well-structured course, which provides useful information in the field. This course enabled me to discover the way in which companies with good results in the field approached their work. The links provided by the facilitator were useful as well.”
Seba Simona, HR Analyst, AXA Life Insurance


• Employee engagement annual calendar
The calendar is an example of planning tools for the implementation of an employee engagement improvement program. The employee engagement calendar is useful for participants who have just started such a program or for those who want to improve the processes they already implemented.


1. What is the value added of the course?

Understanding the aspects that determine employee engagement, as well as the measurement methods, will generate added value for the organization, as this allows for an efficient management of this HR segment. Studies have shown that highly engaged employees are more innovative, more productive and have a positive impact on the quality of the products and services, on customer satisfaction and profit.

2. Should I study prior to the course?

The participation in this course is not conditioned by a prior study or research in the field. The first course session is designed as an introduction to the core concepts, and it is meant to provide a common knowledge base for all participants.

3. How do I get access to course materials and other resources?

Each participant will receive an e-mail with the course materials and other useful resources within 3 days from the termination of the course.
The 1-month Premium subscription to the platform, will become active starting with the second day of the course.

4. Are there other useful resources that I could use in my continuous professional training?

Each participant will receive a document with the recommended reading in the field. Moreover, in order to have access to the latest performance management news, participants interested in their continuous training in the field can read relevant articles on the blog : .

5. Can another person replace the person that signed up for the course?

You can appoint someone else to attend the course, without paying another registration fee, should you not be able to participate in the course, subsequent to your registration.

Course date

10 December


Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, 5-7 Calea Dorobanților, District 1
Bucharest, Romania

Participation fee

185 Euro + VAT*


165 Euro + VAT**
145 Euro + VAT***


The course materials, lunch, coffee breaks are provided during the course. However, the participation fee does not include accommodation. For preferential rates on accommodation, please contact us.


Anca Andrieş
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701

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“In terms of structure and delivery, the training was well designed in order to address the different needs of the participants. It provided useful information for both experts already working with performance management systems and for those who did not have the opportunity to be part of such a process until now.”

Florentina Greger, Head of Human Resources, Zitec