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Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics

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INTRODUCTIONIntroducere curs

Performance management and measurement in the Purchasing-Logistics Department represent the premises for the development of competences that can provide a competitive advantage. The shift from the traditional approach, focused on measurement for control, to an emergent approach, based on measurement with the purpose to improve and engage means switching from action evaluation and control to performance management.

Most companies use as tools KPIs relevant for logistics activities, as well as a department Dashboard that comprises the most important KPIs and provides an overview of the department’s activity. Depending on the organization type, the emphasis is placed on cost or time, based on the competitive advantage provided. The course is designed as an interactive two-day training program.


  • Understand the performance management processes of the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Understand the approach of challenges faced in the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Set objectives and KPIs relevant for the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Establish key results areas and know how to monitor the department’s results;
  • Identify methods to plan and calculate different flows and work strategically;
  • Identify resources, key results areas and monitor the department’s results;
  • Implement a performance management system and create a Scorecard as well as a Dashboard relevant for the Purchasing-Logistics Department.

Learning objectives
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyze performance management at strategic, operational and individual level;
  • Develop a performance management system for the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Monitor performance in the Purchasing-Logistics Department and establish improvement initiatives;
  • Use KPIs as performance measurement tools;
  • Use the Purchasing-Logistics Dashboard as an essential operational performance management tool within the organization.

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Day 1: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard

Introduction – Challenges and key aspects in the Purchasing-Logistics Department
Mind Mapping: Major challenges for the activities of the Purchasing-Logistics Department (brainstorming)

  • Expectations in relation to the challenges from practice;
  • Role and functions of the purchasing activity;
  • Positioning within the organization;
  • Proactivity in purchasing.

Discussion: Defining the object of purchasing – needs, services and goods

KPIs for the Purchasing-Logistics Department

  • KPIs – performance measurement tools;
  • Defining KPIs and their importance;
  • KPI selection criteria;
  • KPI identification and utilization.

Group activity: KPI documentation in the Purchasing-Logistics Department

Developing a set of KPIs for Logistics
Exercise: Definirea unui set de indicatori de performanță pentru activitatea de logistică

  • Monitoring and evaluating the logistics activity using KPIs;
  • Purchasing-Logistics Dashboard – essential operational performance management tool within the organization;
  • Purchasing-Logistics Scorecard – essential component of the performance management system in the Purchasing-Logistics Department.

Insights for improving performance management in the Purchasing-Logistics Department using KPIs
Group activity: Developing a KPI catalogue for the Purchasing-Logistics Department: KPI selection, documentation and communication

  • Application of main templates for improving performance in the Purchasing-Logistics Department.

Day 2: Supply chain performance management
Supply chain management

  • Major challenges in supply chain management;
  • Identifying risk factors within the supply chain;
  • Characteristics of different supply chain types and models.

Supply chain performance management

  • Understanding the general framework of performance management and measurement;
  • Understanding the performance management and measurement core concepts;
  • Analysis of strategic, operational and individual performance management.

Group activity: Identifying performance management concepts and tools

Supply chain management and business strategy – evaluation and measurement

  • Improving the supply chain efficiency;
  • Value Chain Model;
  • Developing the evaluation strategy;
  • Performance management system architecture in the Purchasing-Logistics Department – analysis of system elements and their correlations.

Insights for improving performance management in the Purchasing-Logistics Department using KPIs
Group activity: Questions and answers; open discussion

  • 10 tips for optimizing performance in the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Course material review;
  • Application of main templates for improving performance in the Purchasing-Logistics Department;
  • Application of the concepts learned within organizations.

Group activity: Questions and answers; open discussion



✔ Course material
Participants will receive a hard and an electronic copy of the course, as well as the course notes and the exercises solved during the training sessions.


✔ Relevant field-related resources
Participants will receive a set of resources that includes templates customized for the Purchasing-Logistics Department: Performance Management System Architecture, Desired State of Evolution, Scorecard, Dashboard, Portfolio of Initiatives, etc.


✔ Premium Subscription – 3 months
Participants will have access to over 7,000 KPIs examples, to 38 documentation fields and will be able to export 500 documented KPIs from our platform Moreover, they will be given access to the “Top 10 KPIs in 2010” report, and to a “Top 25 KPIs in 2010” report of their choice.

Top 25 KPIs

✔ Top 25 Logistics and Distribution KPIs
Participants will receive a list with the most important KPIs in the Purchasing-Logistics Department.


Our courses were attended by participants from organizations such as:


Who should attend?

Top/middle/lower management people
This training course is addressed to people holding positions such as Middle Manager, Team Leader, Logistics and Supply chain professional, who seek to improve their performance in the field.

Purchasing-Logistics experts
For Purchasing-Logistics professionals, such as Logistics Department Manager, Logistics Specialist, Purchasing-Logistics Department Coordinator, it is important to acquire a recognition of their knowledge on performance management in the Purchasing-Logistics Department.

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Cristina Bleoca is a Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Romanian specialist, with over 10 years of supply and purchasing management experience in automotive and FMGC companies.

Cristina managed departments that were at different maturity levels, her activities ranging from establishing a purchasing department to managing accelerated growth periods.

She has experience in the design and implementation of strategies for the development of supplier management activities, the optimization of the logistics activity, the flow of materials and the management of inventories.

Her internships in companies from Germany and cooperation with international teams, as well as her participation in training programs both in Romania and abroad, gave Cristina the opportunity to provide participants with a broad and diverse perspective on the subjects addressed throughout this training course.

Cristina graduated from The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and The Faculty of European Studies, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj, which she complemented by internships in industrial companies and service providers from Germany (Kuka Schweissanlagen GmbH and IBM Global Services GmbH). Cristina gained her professional experience holding Purchasing-Logistics Department coordination positions in companies such as Eckerle Romania, Tchibo Brands and Heinrig Impex.

As part of her collaboration with Acumen Integrat, Cristina delivered the following training programs:

  • “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard”;
  • “Strategic Approach to Purchasing-Logistics Processes”.

Cristina Bleoca holds a vast experience in supply management. In 2003, she created a purchasing department for an automotive company, and in 2008 she took over the Logistics Department coordination of the FMGC company Tchibo. Apart from her logistics-related activity, Cristina created a purchasing department in Bucharest. In 2009, she developed a purchasing department for Gebr. Heinemann, one of the largest travel retail companies in the world.


The “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard” training course provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants:

  • Apply directly in specially designed exercises the concepts learned during the training course;
  • Analyze case studies and identify solutions for the challenges encountered;
  • Use templates that they can afterwards customize to suit their organizational needs;
  • Share their own experience and good practices in the field;
  • Are part of an evaluation process both before and after the termination of the training course.


At the end of the course, participants will take a knowledge test that comprises 20 questions. The maximum score that can be obtained is 20 points and, in order to receive the diploma that acknowledges their competences in the field, participants must obtain at least 10 points.

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Hotel Grand Plaza,
5-7 Calea Dorobanților, District 1,
Bucharest, Romania
(+4021) 201 5000
(+4021) 201 1888


20-21 November

Course date

6 November

Early bird

13 November



  • Participation fee:
    320 Euro + VAT*
  • Discount:
    280 Euro + VAT** – registration and payment made 2 weeks before the course
    250 Euro + VAT*** – registration of 2 or more participants from the same organization/ Acumen Integrat customers


Contact us for details and registration!

Anca Andrieş
Marketing and PR Coordinator
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701


“I recommend this course to anyone who wants to see where they are positioned professionally and how they can improve. The “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard” training course helps, primarily, to acknowledge the need to monitor activity with the view of improving it. I recommend it to those who care.”
Ion Gogoriţă, Logistics Manager, Toyota Material Handling Romania

“For those who have already set the company’s general objectives, this is an advanced training course, based on open discussions, where participants share their experience. The most important part of this training is the experience shared by peer participants, which enables you to understand in practice the concepts presented during the course.”
Alexandra Dobra, Economist, Retrasib

“The “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard” training course provides useful information which can be easily applied into practice.”
Mihai Cepoiu, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, NextCity

„The training course provides a great amount of useful information and I would attend it again.”
Elena Dinescu, Economic Advisor, Retrasib

„A fost un curs facilitat într-o manieră profesionistă și a conținut multe informații utile.”
Simona Larion, Coordonator Transport, Duvenbeck

„This training course is the perfect balance between concepts and working methodology, on one hand, and the practical and operational experiences shared by fellow participants, as well as the facilitator, on the other hand. Therefore, each participant can develop a set of measures for the optimization of their organization’s future benefits. However, another important aspect is the fact that these methods require a continuous review, so as to serve in the decision making process.”
Ludovic Kiss, Planning and Logistics Manager, Hochland Romania SRL


Recommended literature in the field
Below can be found a part of the recommended reading in the field:
Participants will receive more resources in the form of inclusions.


1. What is the role of performance management in the Logistics Department?

Performance management has a key role in the Logistics Department. It is not only cost reduction that ensures performance in Purchasing-Logistics, but also the optimal balance between the relationship with the suppliers and the results registered subsequent to working with them.

2. Which are the most important activities in the Purchasing-Logistics Department?

Regardless of the type of business, the main activities in the Purchasing-Logistics Department are: the supply of goods and input, the management of the relationship with suppliers and inventory management. Depending on a company’s profile and departmental structure, these activities can also include the distribution activity.

3. How do I get access to course materials and other resources?

Each participant will receive an e-mail with the course materials and other useful resources within 3 days from the termination of the course. The Premium subscription to the platform will become active starting with the second day of the course.

4. Are there other useful resources that I could use in my continuous professional training?

Each participant will receive a document with the recommended reading in the field. Moreover, in order to have access to the latest performance management news, participants interested in their continuous training in the field can read relevant articles on the blog:

5. Can another person replace the person that signed up for the course?

You can appoint someone else to attend the course, without paying another registration fee, should you not be able to participate in the course, subsequent to your registration.


20-21 November 2014


Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel, 5-7 Calea Dorobanților, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Participation fee

320 Euro + VAT*


280 Euro + VAT**
250 Euro + VAT***


The course materials, lunch, coffee breaks are provided during the course. However, the participation fee does not include accommodation. For preferential rates on accommodation, please contact us.


Anca Andrieş
Phone: +40 369 801 650
Mobile: +40 746 673 701

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“If you are constantly concerned to measure the way in which marketing contributes to the company’s results, this is the training course you should attend. Here you will find the tools that will enable you to improve the performance of your department and accurately evaluate it.”

Rada Teioșanu, Marketing Manager, Brinel