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Testimonials from participants in the training programs delivered by Acumen Integrat.

Improving Operational Performance in Marketing Departments

I have participated with great interest in the training course on how to improve operational performance in marketing departments, delivered by Acumen Integrat, in Cluj-Napoca. This course has fully met my expectations, which were really high. I have appreciated the quality of the information provided, the way in which the course was structured and delivered, the quality of the course materials we received at the end of the program (which support the knowledge acquired and practiced throughout the training sessions). In addition to this, I have also found productive the exchange of information among participants.
The communication process for the participation in this training course was extremely professional, and so was the manner in which it was organized. I fully recommend this program, which I believe will provide a great amount of new information for the Romanian market. Moreover, I know that the team that is delivering this course has the required professional experience.

Nicoleta Dorina Racolța-Paina, Associate Professor, PhD, Faculty of European Studies, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

If you are constantly concerned to measure how marketing contributes to the company’s results, this is the training course you should attend. Here you will find the tools that will enable you to improve the performance of your department and accurately evaluate it.

Rada Teioșanu, Marketing Manager, Brinel

I have participated in this course out of pure curiosity to learn which are the topics discussed in such a training course. My expectations regarding the information provided were very low. However, I was impressed. The tools provided will help me a lot in my activity.

Ioana Căprar, Marketing Manager, Delroti Printing House

KPIs: Measurement, Learning and Optimization

Performance Management is a delicate topic for Romanian organizations, and, in my opinion, the practices leave a lot to be desired. This is why the “KPIs: Measurement, Learning and Optimization” training course was extremely useful to me, mainly because it was very well structured both in terms of the theoretical aspects presented and the exercises discussed. Aurel’s experience was of great importance, and the fact that he is not a trainer, but a practitioner in the field, possessing a solid performance management know-how added value to this program. In addition to this, the customized tools presented during the training sessions is another benefit of participating in this course, as these can help participants in implementing a performance management system within their organizations. I would like to thank you for this training course, and I am looking forward to participate in other events that focus on further developing the competences acquired by attending this course.

Ileana Amaximoaie, Training and Development Manager, GDF SUEZ Energy

Despite leaving at first the impression that it is a highly specialized training course, during the training sessions we were introduced to the way we carry out our everyday organizational operations from a new perspective: the performance of our activities and the levers to improve it. As a well prepared and experienced trainer, Aurel introduced the topics in a clear and logic manner! I am looking forward to the next training program!

Cristina Bleoca, Operations Manager, Heiring Impex

I can truly say that the “Key Performance Indicators – Measurement, Learning, Optimization” course was well documented and well delivered. Moreover, it was supported by exercises and relevant examples from practice. What I liked most was the follow-up, as the team delivering the course was there to help you with information and details that required further documentation, even after the termination of the course. Last but not least, compared to other training courses where participants only receive a basic course material, the Acumen Integrat team made sure that all participants benefited from various ready-to-use templates and course materials.

Mihaela Melenciuc, Recruitment, Assessment and Engagement Manager, Adrem Invest

Even before participating in this training course, I have appreciated the interest in setting the objectives of the course and selecting the course materials based on the specific needs of our team. During the training, I was impressed by how easy it was to understand concepts such as Performance Dashboard, Performance Management System and Balanced Scorecard. Not to mention the examples from practice, which were provided.
The way in which the facilitator delivered the training engaged participants in group discussions on best practices regarding key theoretical aspects and generated many opportunities of working with KPIs in practice. Moreover, the feedback received from other participants emphasized the applied character of the course and the openness of the facilitator. I look forward to our future collaborations.

Cristina Botea, Head of Planning & Performance Monitoring, HSSE Department, OMV Petrom

The “KPIs: Measurement, Learning and Optimization” training course, organized by Acumen Integrat, was the definition of competence and professionalism based on the overall understanding of the performance management system with all its components.
This training course represents the perfect balance between theoretical aspects and practice. It has managed to raise questions and challenges even for a performance management specialist. The gradual presentation of information and case studies, in various stages of the training program, is the most important aspect of this course for every participant.
If I were to use a KPI in order to resume the quality/quantity of this course, that would be ROI (Return On Investment). I have acquired new knowledge in the field which can be implemented in my everyday activities, and even in my future actions.

Nicoleta Pulbere, Performance Manager – Continual Service Improvement, IT Global Solutions, OMV Petrom

This course attained its goal as it was supported by the trainer’s great practical and teaching experience, using interactive training methods. I, for one, have grasped the theoretical concepts and the related practical skills, which improved my knowledge and understanding of KPIs, as well as their use within organizations. Both my company and I have experienced the benefits of participating in this course, the company being rewarded for implementing an objective performance system.

Mihaela Todor, HR Manager, Electrogrup

A practical training course based on a well documented methodology, relevant tools and examples ready to be applied into practice. I think any company interested in measuring and managing performance should attend.

Nichifor Andreea, Senior Consulting, Humangest

It is an extremely useful training course that all managers working with a performance measurement system should attend. It provides the theoretical support required to understand and apply a performance measurement system within organizations.

Florin Ivan, Team Leader, RCS & RDS

This course provided useful, complete and professional information, having a real added value.

Iulian Nistor, Production Manager IG Watteeuw Romania

The trainer was well prepared. I have appreciated his openness and the consideration given to the problems put forward by participants.

Gigi Boghiu, Manager, IG Watteeuw Romania

International experience, great theoretical information provided.

Oana Florea, Trainer, Trenkwalder

A well structured training course, high quality information.

Constantin Plugariu, Expert, ANCOM

We have already implemented KPIs in 2009. It was interesting to see and find out what smaller companies seek in terms of KPIs

Elena Dimache, Performance Manager, OMV Petrom – E&P

Improving Operational Performance in HR Departments

The “Solutions for Improving Operational Performance in HR Departments” training course provided a set of extremely useful solutions to help us improve our performance. Easy and useful for planning and evaluation.

Liana Precum, HR Manager, Evozon Systems

Performance Criteria, Evaluating and Improving Employee Performance

The “Performance Criteria, Evaluating and Improving Employee Performance” course is a program addressing a very important topic and organized according to the standards.

Dan Obada, Professional Development Coordinator, TVR

It is a training course that should be attended not only by HR managers, but also by managers from other departments.

Laura Chiriac, Customer Service Manager, Optical Disk Solutions

A great training course that helped me understand how to evaluate employee performance.

Lenuța Stan, HR Manager, Universal S.A.

The videos presented during this course were really good and helped me understand how to logically apply the theoretical concepts learned.

Anca Leonte, HR Manager Accountess Profile

Solutions for Managing Change in Organizations

The “Solutions for Managing Change in Organizations” training course, delivered by Acumen Integrat, develops leadership and helps reach performance in a progressive and responsible manner, thus offering the training required to support the decision-making process that leads to change.

Mihaela Mirela Movilă, Administrator, Arm Executive Business Consulting

“Solutions for Managing Change in Organizations” is an extremely interesting training course, well structured in terms of the information provided, interactive and delivered at a very high level of professionalism. It introduces participants to the general framework of change management and offers an overall perspective on change planning.

Mihaela Costache, Senior Internal Communication Officer, AXA Life Insurance

Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs

“Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs is a useful introductory course for those who want to acquire elementary knowledge in the field. The course was well structured. The facilitator was well prepared and answered all our questions.”

Iulia Birău, HR Coordinator, Process Solutions

“Implementing and Optimizing Employee Engagement Programs” is a well structured course, which provides useful information in the field. This course enabled me to discover the way in which companies with good results in the field approached their work. The links provided by the facilitator were useful as well.

Seba Simona, HR Analyst, AXA Life Insurance

Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to see where they are positioned professionally and how they can improve. The “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard” training course helps, primarily, to acknowledge the need to monitor activity with the view of improving it. I recommend it to those who care.

Ion Gogoriţă, Logistics Manager, Toyota Material Handling Romania

For those who have already set the company’s general objectives, this is an advanced training course, based on open discussions, where participants share their experience. The most important part of this training is the experience shared by peer participants, which enables you to understand in practice the concepts presented during the course.

Alexandra Dobra, Economist, Retrasib

The “Performance Management in Purchasing-Logistics: KPIs, Scorecard and Dashboard” training course provides useful information which can be easily applied into practice.

Mihai Cepoiu, Purchasing and Logistics Manager, NextCity

The training course provides a great amount of useful information and I would attend it again.

Elena Dinescu, Economic Advisor, Retrasib

It was a professionally delivered training course, which comprised a lot of useful information.

Simona Larion, Transportation Coordination, Duvenbeck

This training course is the perfect balance between concepts and working methodology, on one hand, and the practical and operational experiences shared by fellow participants, as well as the facilitator, on the other hand. Therefore, each participant can develop a set of measures for the optimization of their organization’s future benefits. However, another important aspect is the fact that these methods require a continuous review, so as to serve in the decision making process.

Ludovic Kiss, Planning and Logistics Manager, Hochland Romania SRL

Implementing Succession Management Programs

I recommend this course because it is a relatively new segment, known by very few and not widely applied in HR by Romanian professionals. The implementation of this concept [succession management] helps avoid issues related to high employee turnover

Mioara Albu, Head of HR Department, Compa

I recommend this course to all the companies that want to implement succession management. The course agenda provides new information on succession management and methods of how to apply succession management.

Ana-Andreea Ghenie, Training specialist, Compa

The course explains core concepts related to succession management. It is a well structured program with proven added value.

Nadia Părpăluţă, HR Manager, Electroalfa International

An interesting, interactive and useful training program.

Nadia Drăgoi, HR Manager, Stanley Bet

This is an extremely useful training course due to its practical and applied nature. The tools provided can be used right away and they can be assimilated easily. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop a succession plan within their organization.

Adrina Baciu, A&A Advisory Services

Integrating Talent Management Processes

This training course gave each participant the opportunity to share information and their own experience. The resources and references provided during each training session were extremely useful and relevant.

Liliana Grigoraş, HR Specialist, Emag

The training course can be defined through a good correlation with the Balanced Scorecard principle. The trainer is a true professional who showed passion for the topic discussed.

Bogdan Rotaru, HR Specialist, IKEA Romania

Internet Marketing

I recommend this course for small businesses and/or intro level. It is an extremely useful training for those who seek to be introduced to this topic.

Dragoș Mândreci, Senoir Brand Manager, OTP BANK

An excellent idea to organize this training course, which will certainly help participants promote their business.

Iuliana Mitu, Assistant Manager, Synevo

A training course that provides up-to-date and relevant information.

Ioana Cebuc, Manager Marketing, Prisum International

It was an interactive training course which enabled me to acquire relevant information that can be applied in practice.

Andree Enache, Junior Marketing Manager, Biogenis

It was an extremely useful and constructive training course.

Oana Savu, Marketing Manager, Medical Tours Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The training course has explained several aspects related to optimization and link-building. The information provided was relevant, structured and to the point.

Ioana Cebuc, Marketing Manager, Prisum International

I look forward to applying the acquired information within our organization.

Ana-Maria Popa, Social Relations Specialist | Swiss Ecodent Clinic

The training course was extremely useful. It provided us with the information we needed for our company.

Gabriela Fuior, Jr. Marketing Assistant | Alix Avien Cosmetics

Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional

This training program enabled me to have a better understanding of how to select relevant KPIs. All in all, an innovative course.

Adriana Sufana, Production Manager, Thrace Greiner

An extremely useful training course. I fully recommend it.

Anamaria Neagu, Performance Monitoring, OMV Petrom

A really useful training course for practitioners and for those who want to develop a performance management system.

Claudia Haita, EP Reporting, OMV Petrom

A very useful training course for any organization.

Elena Dumitru, Executive Office, OMV Petrom

In terms of structure and delivery, the training was well designed in order to address the different needs of the participants. It provided useful information for both experts already working with performance management systems and for those who did not have the opportunity to be involved in such a process before.

Florentina Greger, Head of Human Resources, Zitec

A training program like this one is mandatory for any Performance Manager. I was pleased and interested in participating in this course. I felt the other participants were as engaged as I was. It is a complete training program which professionally combines theory and practice, based on expertise and a certain performance maturity level, which is really impressive. Methods, techniques, practice, case studies, they are all presented so as to open your appetite for knowledge, to go into further details, to get to know the field and explore it. This is exactly what a course of this type should provide.

Nicoleta Pulbere, Performance Manager, OMV Petrom Global Solutions IT

Implementing and Using a Balanced Scorecard-based Performance Management System

The training course was extremely interesting and useful.

Alexandra Sachianu, Recruiting Analyst, RCS & RDS

An attractive, useful and interactive training program. I have liked the approach which was not based excusively on theory, but also on practical exercises.

Cora Badea, HR Specialist, RCS & RDS

A very well structured training course that I recommend to all those who want to have a clear understanding of the theoretical and practical concepts related to the implementation of a Balanced Score.

Raluca Panțu, Head of HR Department, ANCOM

Really useful in understanding the [Balanced Scorecard] concept and its benefits.

Ildiko Colcer, Legal Adviser, Larix Forest

Strategic Approach to Purchasing-Logistics Processes

This training course is really useful for those with elementary knowledge in the field since the information is presented in a structured manner.

Cristi Oanţă, Logistics Officer, Timac Agro Romania

A training course suitable for any member of the logistics team.

Romeo Macovei, Logistics Manager, ADM Farm