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Friday Night at the ER



Friday Night at the ER is a game which simulates the challenge of managing a hospital for 24 hours. Its main purpose is to help participants develop systems thinking, by relying on their work styles and by teaching them to work together and make decisions within a complex system. Therefore, the simulation is relevant for participants from any industry and functional area.

Each table represents a team of four players, and each is the manager of one of the hospital departments: Emergency, Intensive Care, Step-Down and Surgery. The game has 24 rounds and participants must decide on the patient turnover and their care. They also have to attend to administrative issues, using wisely their resources. The process helps participants understand interdependence in an organizational environment and teaches them how to attain their individual goals, as well as team goals.

At the end of the simulation, participants evaluate their performance and discuss about what they have learned as far as systems thinking and team work are concerned.


  • Orients participants towards team work and towards reaching common goals;
  • Develops systems thinking and applying its principles;
  • Develops cooperation skills;
  • Helps in managing decision-making within a broad framework, characterized by many variables;
  • Develops team work skills, innovation and flexibility;
  • Stimulates participants to take into account the impact of the decisions made within the overall system and to decide based on accurate data;
  • Teaches key concepts and presents participants with tools used in the enhancement, redesign and performance processes at team level;
  • Observes the dynamics of team behaviors and enhances their efficiency;
  • Innovates and optimizes the efficacy of individuals and teams.


1. Prezentarea simulării Friday Night at the ER

  • Defining the concept and its objectives;
  • Presenting the rules of the game;
  • Building the teams and preparing the simulation environment.

2. Desfășurarea simulării Friday Night at the ER

  • Following the structure of the simulation;
  • Understanding operational flows under the facilitator’s guidance;
  • Simulation play;
  • The end of the simulation and score calculation.

3. Atribuirea de sens experiențelor și rezultatelor simulării

  • Team and group discussions about the simulation experience;
  • Exploring systems thinking and performance management ideas;
  • Analyzing simulation scores and strategies.

4. Asigurarea transferabilității cunoașterii și abilităților dobândite în urma simulării

  • Transferring the lessons learned during the simulation within different organizational environments;
  • Conclusions


Professionals interested in understanding the system thinking concepts in an organizational context can participate in this simulation. It represents a unique experience that helps participants to understand the importance of available resources and of coordinating internal change activities.


“An excellent team work exercise. A great opportunity to reflect on your contribution to the team results, as well as on your weaknesses. An exercise that promotes ownership, and which helps you apply management principles into practice.”

Constanţa Bâra, Head of Department, ANCOM


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