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Educational Products

Acumen Integrat provides a series of educational products meant to serve as tools that support the learning process, as well as the performance management implementation process. Our webinars, developed in partnership with The KPI Institute, represent the first step in understanding performance management and its key concepts. The eLearning platform enables participants in the “Certified Key Performance Indicators Professional” training course to take their certification test online. Moreover, our online community facilitates the communication with other performance management professionals from Romania.


This training course was a success. Adrian knew how to manage time and to equally allot it for each training session: theory, case studies and exercises. Moreover, he made sure that all participants are engaged in the activities carried out and they answer the questions addressed.

Corina Slav,
Star Storage, România

Web Portfolio

Acumen Integrat recommends a portfolio of websites dedicated to performance management, KPIs, Balanced Scorecard and organizational identity. These websites compile databases of representative companies, documented KPIs, educational products, as well as relevant articles on these four topics. is an online catalogue of over 1,900 KPI examples from 14 functional areas and 24 industries. Indicatori de Performanță Premium is the premium section of the database and consists of over 1,000 KPI examples preselected as the most relevant for practice by Acumen Integrat’s research team. is the most comprehensive Balanced Scorecard online resource. It contains a review of this popular management concept, following its evolution and use around the world in various industries or companies. The platform presents the various interpretations of the BSC concept, it compares BSC with other concepts and discusses its impact on organizations, as well as the critics’ perspectives.
managementul-performantei-mgpm-ro is an online platform for integrating performance management knowledge at strategic, operational and individual level. It reviews the evolution of performance management, as well as the key tools, systems and software used at each of these levels. The platform combines the theoretical framework with good practices and key perspectives, offering participants the possibility to understand the nature of performance management as a discipline. contains a free online catalogue illustrating the use of corporate identity elements by Romanian organizations. Registered users can explore, bookmark and comment on hundreds of referenced online resources that contain organizational values, mission and vision statements, as well as key success factors used in the current business context.