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Terms of use

Terms of use

All the information, materials, procedures, texts and any other images or graphics on the Acumen Integrat website ( are subject to copyright and any other intellectual property rights. Such materials cannot be copied or retransmitted to third parties for commercial purposes, and cannot be modified or reproduced on other websites, by printing or in any other form, without a prior written consent from Acumen Integrat.

You may only download a single copy of any document on a computer and only use it for personal and non-commercial purposes, which entails: (a) preserving the integrity of the copyright and any other intellectual property rights, (b) not altering the content and (c) the prohibition to use the content in such a way that suggests an association with any of our products, services or brands.

The information on this website does not represent professional business advice and should not be considered as such. Some information can prove to be irrelevant in some situations without proper professional guidance. Acumen Integrat cannot be held responsible for any loss which might derive from accessing and using the materials published on the website, irrespective of the outcome of the loss and its causes.

The information on this website provides a general guidance and should not be understood by visitors as a legal advice or as a specific recommendation regarding the management of their business, or of a business in general. Acumen Integrat does not justify and does not warrant that the information on this website is free of errors, omissions and defects.Therefore, any information is offered “as such” without any implicit or explicit warranties, such as accuracy, actuality or complexity of the information. The information published on this website should not be considered a basis for action that might expose you to any duty, injury, loss or damage. Moreover, it is recommended to seek specific advice, relevant for the particular situation you find yourself in.

Acumen Integrat does not assume the responsibility for any damage or loss you suffer, which arises from the use of the information on this website in order to make your own decisions.